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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holi is a hindu festival of colors commonly known as gulal in Indian language when people sprinkle these colors on each other and wish happy holi with warm hugs and greetings. Bring those lovely colors into your wishes and celebrations through sharing these colorful holi wallpapers with a pleasing note of funny wishes to have fun on holi with colors and water. So, enjoy exchanging your best and colorful holi wishes through our online.
colorful holi wish wallpaperColorful Holi Wallpapers
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Download Holi Wallpapers, Download Holi Pictures

Enjoy this beautiful array of wallpapers and backgrounds to bring colors of holi onto your deck screen for the coming holi festival. Share the marvelous collection to download holi wallpapers for free in variety resolution and style. Make your holi wishes more beautiful, enjoyable and to bring Hinduism to the worldwide online through internet. We welcome all to be part of this great gallery of holi pictures.
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Happy Holi Wallpapers, Happy Holi Wishes Wallpaper

Share your funny and colorful happy holi wishes with all your dearones and nearones to have a blessed and enjoyable holi time together with friends, families, relatives, neighbours and buddies. Sprinkle colors on each other and have a blasting greetings on dhulendi festival in a fresh and happy mood. You can send these happy holi wallpapers to your lovedones as a wish note and gift of season.
happy holi wishes wallpaperHappy Holi Wallpapers
happy holi greetings wallpaperHappy Holi Backgrounds

Holika Dahan Wallpapers, Holika Dahan Bonfire Pictures

Holika Dahan is the festival of lighting bonfire on the eve of holi to mark the defeat of evil powers which get burnt in the flame. Holika dahan is the vital ritual of hindu tradition when people gather at one place in a open land and put together branches of dry trees, leaves and wood in a heap and light fire to share the joy of Demon Holika's defeat. This holi bonfire marked as choti holi to be the vital element of holi celebrations. Watch the pictures of holika dahan wallpapers to set the beautiful scene of night with burning flames and special rituals making the bonfire, a religious night. 2010 holika dahan is on 28 February so be ready to burn away bad powers inside you.
Holika Dahan WallpapersHolika Dahan PicturesHolika Dahan Bonfire

2010 Holi Wallpapers, Free Holi Wallpapers

Holi is a festival of Indian origin where people enjoy the funny play of colors, water and balloons together with a mood of forgetting any differentiation of religion, color or status. Its a spring festival celebrating the end of winter season and lighting bonfires to express holika dahan which has a legendary story behind its celebration. The main holi day is Dhulendi which is actually played at morning with gulal, pichkari and bhang is the special attraction of holi festival. You can wish your beloved ones a happy holi through these holi wallpapers available here for free. Holi of 2010 is on 1st March 2010.
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